Pack - Protect - Perform!
From the Owner and Founder:

I began this journey back in 2008 when I wanted a product to place my trash in while out cycling. After some trials and tribulations, I finally designed a customizable, 10 gauge, -10 degree F cold crack tolerant vinyl, double sealed seam pouch with a zip-lock style zipper at a most reasonable price. So, what started out as a way of storing used sticky gel packets in a little pouch turned out to be an aesthetically pleasing and functional product.

The added benefit of the polished clear vinyl is the capability to use the touchscreen through the actual pouch thus protecting cell phones (and personal items) from sweat, rain, dust and dirt. Another feature is the weight of personal items inside the JerseyBins is spread out evenly and flat (equal weight distribution) which enables the JerseyBin and its contents to lay flush (avoiding bulging and sagging in the pocket) and the load will even feel lighter. 

Nowadays, the JerseyBin pouches come in many sizes accommodating all cell phone size on the market. In order to separate the JerseyBin product from others, the JerseyBins were tested in a laboratory and waterproof certified at level IPX-7 in order to provide protection for customers expensive electronics. Moreover, JerseyBins are recyclable and Made in the USA! 

JerseyBins have been sold world-wide and have been adorned with names such as Giant Bikes, HTC, Focus Bikes, Eddy Merckx Bikes, Specialized Bikes, SRAM, Amgen Tour of California, Shimano, Pfizer, breweries, health companies and the list goes on. 

It is nice to hear from the experts who use our products. Here is an article from North America's largest cycling magazine with a mention of our JerseyBin product: Bicycling Magazine

After several years, I have gained the confidence of overseas distributors covering numerous countries. It's been a fabulous journey and sales have increased each and every year since 2008. I personally thank each and everyone of my customers for their past and future purchases. I especially thank my loyal customers who return to purchase the online products or custom made JerseyBins. 

Warmest Regards,

Rob Kortus