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Owner and Founder of JerseyBin Rob Kortus occasionally finds the time to conduct product test reviews. Check a few of his reviews by clicking on the topic below.

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JerseyBin mention in Bicycling article 2015: What to Do If You're Injured on a Bike Ride: Our test director was alone on singletrack when he crashed and broke his leg. Here's what you can learn from his experience..."


"2011: Noob or not, cyclists like their baggies...As handy as baggies are, they’re ridiculously thin. After repeated use, mine features multiple tears that no longer allow it to get the job done...What I’ve really wanted is a heavier duty zip-lock bag little bigger than the contents I wanted to carry in it. That’s when I spotted a tweet from pro rider Ted King featuring that exact thing — a thick, tough, phone-sized, zip-style bag with a Strava logo. Turns out it was a privately labeled “Jersey Bin.”...Like a Ziploc on steroids, the Jersey Bin ( is made from a 10-gauge vinyl that resists the pokes or tears that would bring a standard baggie to its knees...A simple idea? Certainly. But one I’ve been looking for a long time..."


"2012: JerseyBin – Because The Outdoors Can Get Wet And Dirty So what is a JerseyBin? ...It’s a heavy duty (10 gauge) clear vinyl pouch, that’s designed to carry your phone or personal items like cash, car keys, and ATM/credit card while you’re out playing hard. The 2012 models are created using new dies that “double seal” the seams, for extra durability. And because the vinyl is highly polished, you can see your phone’s screen clearly through it, plus it works with touch screens. We tested it on an average size Android phone (below) and I was able to tap out a name from my contact list, then speak a message into the texting app, which it translated correctly. Through the vinyl. Next, we put our test phone (an old, dead phone) in the JerseyBin, slid it shut, and dropped it into a sink full of water. No bubbles to indicate a breach, even when fully submerged..."


United Kingdom 2010: "...Whichever electronic device or paper money you decide to entrust, it will remain operable and/or dry no matter the ferocity of the elements buffeting your onward motion. My continued use of the trimbin can be taken as my vote of confidence in its efficacy. The great joy of this simplicity is that purchasing really is a no-brainer; there is no need whatsoever to cogitate, because the prices are undeniably favourable...)


USA 2010: "I’ve been dealing with a little problem ever since I started road cycling. Chances are, you’ve been dealing with it, too. It was a nuisance, but not annoying enough that I thought too much about it...I’m talking about carrying stuff in your jersey pockets. You can stick your cell phone in there, but then it gets soaked in sweat. Toss some energy bars in, but then your pockets sag down. Put your used gel packets back in, but then you get a sticky residue in the pocket...What do you do? Use the JerseyBin...I like the JerseyBin for my cell phone because it is waterproof. (Really that’s my #1 favorite thing and reason to buy these JerseyBins.)...Sagging jersey pockets are ugly, and they make the ride uncomfortable because it pulls your jersey back. The bin makes the load feel lighter as well, so all in all, it leads to greater comfort...I recommend them to everyone...And if you carry a cell phone while riding, I highly recommend at least getting one JerseyBin to use to carry your phone. It’s well worth the cost for phone protection."


USA 2011: "Every once in a while you find a cycling product and you know instantly you must have it. When I saw an ad for JerseyBin Waterproof Cycling Pouches I ordered three pouches immediately, and when they arrived a few days later it took all of 30 seconds to realize they were exactly what I needed...My iPhone is always in a very thin polycarbonate shell. However, the display is not covered so when cycling I always want to carry it in a weatherproof case. I tried the OtterBox Defender Case, but it is a royal pain to get the iPhone into the case and another pain to get it back out. I also tried several other iPhone cases and all of them made my iPhone sag at the bottom of my jersey pocket and none of them were waterproof. JerseyBins solve both problems—the case is waterproof and it’s designed to keep your back pocket from sagging because it spreads out the weight of the iPhone (or any other cell phone) better than any other case I’ve tried...I had only been using a JerseyBin for a few days before I got caught out in a heavy rain and I am happy to report that it worked perfectly..."

From SAFETY: For your personal safety: Always bring bicycle to a full stop before using your JerseyBin!


Custom JerseyBin client:, John Marsh, Owner and Publisher:

"Our readers are recreational roadies who appreciate useful products that fill a need in everyday cycling. I’ve used a JerseyBin myself for several years and knew that our readers would benefit from the product, just as I have. Our RoadBikeRider-logoed JerseyBins look great, work well, and our readers love them."

Custom JerseyBin client: The Fixed Wheel, Daniel Wright (Owner), Australia:

"The Fixed Wheel custom Jersey Bins arrived on my doorstep yesterday. What a great idea and product. The ease of the transaction from initial design and consultation to delivery was fantastic. My clients will love the little surprise they receive the next time they bring their bike in for service. A great piece of marketing material! Well done to Rob and the team at Jersey Bin. Happy Rolling!"

Charles Breer, St. Paul, Minnesota:

..."Just FYI, I rode my bike nearly 15,000 miles in 2010, including a USA transcontinental tour, and I had my phone in a JerseyBin for every ride. I often took it out to take photos, so I would say the durability was pretty good..."

Kirk, Raleigh, North Carolina:

"I've been using Jersey Bins for several years. Great product. Have given away several to friends. I had just had my Iphone 5 a short while and my Ballistic case had not yet arrived when I had an embarrassing parking lot crash at the end of a 100 km ride. Landed on my backside. The Jersey Bin protected the Iphone 5. Had a slight cosmetic blemish to the exterior metal. Thanks!"

Custom JerseyBin client: CycleItalia, Larry Theobald, Sioux City, IA:

"After years of using various makeshift solutions to the problem of carrying (and keeping dry) my cell phone, ID, business cards and paper money in a jersey pocket, I was delighted to discover JerseyBin (thanks PezCyclingNews!) especially when I learned we could put our logo on them and add 'em to the schwag we offer to our clients when they arrive in Italy for their CycleItalia vacation. JerseyBin is the perfect solution as it fits in the jersey pocket just right, is durable and you can see the contents inside. We're sure our clients will be delighted with them just as much as we are!"

Custom JerseyBin client: Cycling Camp San Diego Endurance Coaching, Robert Panzera, California:

"The customized jersey bins are great. Clients have really liked them and put them to good use. In fact, non-clients who have seen them, ask for them!"

Nicole Lait, Australia:

"Jersey Bins are the ultimate in protection for phone and other small items! Rest assured that your valuables will stay perfectly dry on the longest bike ride. The customer service I received for this innovative product was next to none; prompt, friendly, courteous service and speedy delivery. I would have no hesitation recommending this product to other non-US customers, you should receive your products quickly and the cost of postage is very reasonable. Here is one happy customer with a very dry cell phone!"

Editor in Chief Ride Wrap, Australia:

"Jersey Bin is an excellent addition to your cycling accessories. Instead of carrying around a flimsy, easily tearable zip lock sandwich bag; the Jersey Bin will be sure to hold your stuff (phone, keys, cash, sanitary pads, etc) without tearing, leaking or breaking. As editor in chief I was fortunate enough to receive my Jersey Bin from an unnamed source, and have been using it for the past 5 or 6 rides. Jealousy has snuck into the cycling group with others wishing that they could have also received a “freebie.” Boys, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and more importantly; who wants to know you. Great work guys."

Custom JerseyBin client: Tony Serrano Century Ride, Paul Jones (Director), Georgia:

"As a ride director, I have been looking for something different for our riders other than a T shirt and when I saw the review of Jersey Bins in Road Bike Rider, I decided to check them out. I ordered a sample and liked the quality, so I placed an order. When the the Bins came in, I was knocked out by how well the graphics look. The pictures do not do justice. When I show them to riders, many say "Why didn't I think of that!" The larger size is perfect for those ubiquitous smart phones, plus cash, credit cards, etc. The cost is low enough that I was able to offer our riders a Jersey Bin, plus a water bottle for the same cost as a T shirt. I think this is gonna make me look good!"

Eric, Oregon:

"I ordered several of these after seeing the ad in the Road Bike Rider newsletter and needing some rain protection here in the Pacific Northwest. I can happily say that my phone and other items I've stored in my jersey bins have stayed bone dry even in some recent torrential downpours. I no longer have to worry about whether or not my phone will be dry at the end of a ride or if I get caught in the rain during my commute."

Nick O'Sullivan, Australia:

"I received my order of 4 large Jersey Bins today, they are fantastic!!!! A great concept, can't wait to get out on the weekend and give it a go! My mates are already fighting over who gets one, I'll be spreading the word for sure! Thanks again for a great product and prompt delivery."

Custom JerseyBin client: Arkansas Bicycle Club, James Britt (President), Arkansas:

"These Bins will be a very desirable premium for our Arky 100 ride and help promote this annual event since riders will be using them year-round. Our member who recommended them to me told the members at our meeting how useful he found his in keeping some money and his cell phone dry. It was easy to work with the company on our graphic design and they came to me quickly. The image looks great on the vinyl material and it seems very durable and I was very pleased with the custom pricing for a bulk order. Our ride volunteers can also use and enjoy them. I'll post a picture of one on our web site so the members can see them when registering for this ride."

Noel Chalish, Australia:

"After receiving my delivery of Jerseybins I showed some friends and they asked me to order some for them. They are as good as you claim and look much cooler on a coffee shop table after a ride than baggies, Congratulations."

Custom JerseyBin client: B.I.K.E.S. Club of Shohomish Co, Bill Weber (President), Washington:

"The customized JerseyBins arrived on Thursday, I took a handful to our club meeting Thursday night and the members love them! The material, workmanship and our custom logo on the front is all first class. Thank you."

Lou, North Carolina:

"I'm very satisfied with the product. I keep one packed all the time with a few bucks, some lip balm and a couple of Advil for the road. JerseyBins are sized perfectly and hold my iPhone and car door opener along with the stuff I already mentioned perfectly. I learned about you through the review in Keep up the good work. I'm already recommending your product to others in my club."

Steven Hatherell, Australia:

Great product at a reasonable price and quick delivery to Australia. And best of all, the product does what it supposed to do! Good value for the money!

Robert, Oklahoma:

"Excellent company to do business with. Extremely fast shipping and a great value for the money. Superior communication between vendor & customer. Have no fears about dealing with at all."

Gus, Virginia

"I really like them and think they are perfect for an IPhone, which several on my team carry on rides, because the material is so strong, bombproof really. They are also great for cue sheets and cash."