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  • Trim Plus Bin (7" x 4-1/4") IN STOCK


    Trim Plus Bins (7" x 4-1/4") will accommodate slightly larger phones like the HTC-1 (M8), iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung S6 Edge, iPhone 7+, 8, 9 and similar size "wider" phones. The Trim Plus Bins add an extra 1/2" on the height for added room over the standard Trim Bin (7" x 3-3/4"). Use touchscreen through pouch. Zipper side has JerseyBin logo and non-zipper side is clear. IPX-7 waterproof certified. Consider purchasing one for cell phone and another for additional items such as currency, coins, keys, identification cards, credit cards, etc. See tech specs by scrolling through the photos on the left. Not sure what size to purchase? Just contact us at